Brandi Carlile

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2007-09-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 2:54

Music Video


  • AMAZING!!!!

    By skyebirdsings
    She's so pretty, and has such a pretty voice, and I got to meet her at the Kelly Lounge in BakO and shes SO NICE!!!!!!1 YAY BRANDI!!!!
  • Shes Great!

    By dukesorg
    Her music is amazing, althought I'm not a fan orf the videos I love the sound and by what she sings about you can tell shes had it hard and I respect and relate to her about that.
  • Pretty Song

    By Pawnee96
    This is such a pretty song! Her voice is very different from other singers thats what I love about her!
  • Great video, wonderful artist

    By MurderMostFowl
    I found Ms. Carlile randomly on the net about a year ago. She has such amazing talent, it's hard sometimes to gain the full perspective on some of her music if you don't see her performing it. So, It's great to see more videos of her. I bought both her albums recently, and ironically like the first one better. Most people seem to like "The Story better , but I can't complain, they're both great! hey Apple, how about getting the video for "What can I Say" now? Pretty please?
  • Turpentine Video

    By BrandisBiggestFan
    Yet another amazing video, she is so talented and wonderful. I have been her biggest fan for about 8 years now and wow I love her. I grew up in Seattle so I know all about her music and now I get to see her play all the time here in Tucson.....great job BCB much love from Tucson
  • Well Done!

    By jodylud
    I was recently lucky enough to be introduced to Brandi Carlile's music by way of a freebie 'Song of the Day' card from Starbucks offering this very song... which quickly led to the purchase of her 2 CDs and this video. She possesses a wonderful wide range of voice and her choice in lyrics are wise beyond her (youthful) years. Gotta love the subtle use of a single cello throughout many of her songs too. I am overly impressed and looking forward to hearing and seeing more from this artist.
  • Turpentine

    By Glen6string
    Another great video to a great song! If you enjoy listening to Brandi's amazing music you will want to add this video to your collection!

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