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  • Disregard "1 star reviews"

    By EarForGreatMusic
    How can people be so dumb? 1 star reviews??!! The Joke alone, is worth it all... 6 Grammy Nominations, I believe...3 Wins, only because it was a sub category...EVERY Late night / Day Time show, went wild for it...Stern, Ellen, Seth Myers, Kimmel, etc, etc. Amazing, Powerful, Monumental, Brilliant song....The Joke....
  • Flawless!

    By Daryn K.
    Simply put, Brandi is flawless. What a great album.
  • Amazing!

    By Dubster127
    The voice, the arrangements and the quality of the songwriting. Blew my mind!
  • Blown away!

    By Terikosan
    Listening to this album reminds me of hearing Adele for the first time! Her voice is so full of raw emotion and talent, you just know you are hearing greatness!!!!
  • Less than I expected

    By Terri Ames
    Really enjoyed her Grammy performance so decided to buy her album. Wish I hadn’t, wasn’t anything special.
  • Epic.

    By RAWHydeRiley
    I literally can’t write down in words well enough how amazing this album is. I’m so happy to be living at the same time as these incredible artists because this music is life!
  • Inspired

    By WhitDT
    This album inspires me. Brandi Carlile inspires me. Thank you for sharing this with us all.
  • Moving!

    By Nc quilts
    Loved seeing her at Red Rocks & thought her Grammy performance of this song was amazing.
  • So refreshing

    By Fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t even fathom how someone could not like this album. If you’re looking for something truthful, something that’s not over-edited like everything in top 40, some brilliant song writing and melodies - you’ll love this.
  • Ugh

    By darkkhaki
    Nails on a chalkboard, another Trisha Yearwood...nothing but a shrill type screamer that the sheeple fell for.