Happy Ending


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2007-11-15
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:40

Music Video


  • :)

    By Aliceinwonderland123
    So many of these songs have really depressing lyrics but still manage to make me extremely happy
  • Mika! <3

    By nataliemusic
    This music video is one of my favorites :D mika is awesome <3 this video is beautiful <3
  • Definitaly a happy ending...

    By luby-loo
    wow! this vid is MY happy ending.. go mika!.
  • Ha mika!!!!!

    By lucky tissue
    That's sooooooo funny buy it realy!
  • I love Mika!!!!

    By Puddingcup0024
    OMG I love Mika!!! I think he's a very talented singer and his music will never go out of style. My friend got me into him and then i told my other friends about him. Guess what?? They love his music too. i love this song a lot and i love the video because it's showing kind of a softer, sadder side of Mika that doesn't show up in his videos like Grace Kelly and some of the others.
  • brilliant

    By Megan522174
    the people that don't like this video are probably the people who don't understand it or try to hard to understand it. i love how creative and fun the video is and of course the changes to the song only make it better. mika you get an a+ from me!

    By hermherm
    I think this video really shows an artsy side of MIKA, and he's a pretty artsy guy already. It is difficult to understand, however I like that the story behind the song is not compleatly revealed, and is open to interpertation.
  • What?

    This has got to be the worst music vid Mika has ever done. Dont waste the money on this. Download the track instead.
  • Sad song,wonderful video

    By Stefi-Ray
    Mika is sooo good at what he does best is sing and look amazing a the same time. My brother got hooked on mika this past spring and i am a fan for life. The brits never go out of style nethier should their wonderful british music. job well done Mika
  • lovemika!!

    By jess7355
    This is a great song and a creative video. All five stars for this baby!