Baby Bash

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2007-08-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:41

Music Video


  • Lol :D

    By Ilovefreehugz
    I remeber listening to this song when i was little xD haha its great.
  • Guess how much it sold

    By HU4L 1993
    ALOT!!! and the world wants sexy vids. Thats just how life is. To the a holes that say its nasty obviously havent had the "talk" yet losers. Seriously awsome song vid and girls. HU4L
  • Get a life loserrz!!

    By Power Rocker
    I like the song but this is nasty innapropriate!! Whoever watches this over and over GET A LIFE!!!
  • Omg grow up

    By Familia<3
    I'm 14 and this used to be my fave song! Stop saying bad things about this it's part of the song! He's singing about s*x so u should know the videos gonna have something to do with the lyrics! Grow up mature all ready!!
  • Haha

    By celinafri
  • This is the best music he ever did.

    By DesRock96
    This music video is better than the nusic alone.
  • Good beat totally wasted on a rapper that

    By Ellie Largent
    Perv! What a freak! I mean, i LOVELOVELOVE this song. THe beat has always been in my head. But when you listen to the rap parts it gets completely screwed up. And the video? HORIBLE!!! DISGUSTING! PERVERTED! One person comments was right--get some class!! It is just plain gross! Baby Puke is just a jerkish/perverted/gross/maniac dying for some you-know-what!
  • From a females point of view

    By faithlynn*sphoolie
    Okay, im not all happy the video is what it is, but seriously, come on it is what it is, nowadays sex sells, and as much as wed all like or wouldnt like to see it, i think this is a good song, very good for dancing, and all in all, this song has sex written all over it, but hey i love it, im not complaining one bit, really have you been out and seen how people dance these days? anywho this is still one of my favorite songs... great job baby bash, and come on if you dont like it dont get it, thats $1.99 more that you could be spending on gas or something, simple as that. am i right or worng?
  • awsome

    By rudydean1368
    the video & song mad kewl
  • straight up nasty!

    By Music Gurl
    lik a lot of ppl, i luv this song! it has a great beat, and is very fun to sing to! but the video is lik porn ppl!!! who wants to watch some chicks ride up an ugly rapper in barely anything? all these videos do is make us girls look lik pieces of meat tht guys can just do and then go on their way! why do ppl lik these vids tht r all about sex??? give me a break!