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  • flawless collection

    By Urban_Monk
    a very underrated jewel
  • Great but not perfect...

    By Phoenix o2o
    This collection does have some great hits and I was surprised to see some collaborations with Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. I was really excited to see that there are 30+ songs. That said, the album takes a turn for the worse at the halfway mark. What’s left on the second half is basically DJ remix’s of the first half of the album. On the surface that sounds better than it is, the remixes don’t really add much other than sped up lyrics and different beats. None of them really blew me away.
  • Amazing

    By Forklift96
    I've been trying to remember the name of the song "thank you" for the longest time , incredible song , incredible artist.
  • Explicit song in albums but not marked as such

    By lefrik
    There are some great songs in this album… however there are a couple of songs with swearing in them… That is a disappointment when you hear your kids listen to something you bought them and suddenly there is a bunch of swearing. Apple needs to better mark their songs and albums as explicit as it is not the first time that it happened.
  • what a treat with all those remixes

    By OnehitwonderJoseAntonio:Worthycause!HappyjimmyJoeflowers
    I love dido! Thanks for the music and the memories!
  • Greatest hits

    By Monty A.
    Perhaps the most honest effort of a greatest pop hits album you may ever hear.
  • Greatest hits

    By fitman30
    dido amazing
  • Thank you by Dido

    By Raven is god
    Me and my girlfriend really love this song
  • My Life, My Love

    By MystroMixx
    Dido is the soundtrack of my life. £>