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  • Brings back the memories!

    By Josh Petschke
    All of these pieces of classical music have been part of my early childhood, and it's been an absolutely wonderful experience for all of them being put together PERFECTLY! 😍
  • Awesome!!!

    By Jacalopewill
    I love this album so much especially the can-can pop version!! :)
  • Still a "classic"

    By beetandsteet
    My dad loved this album when he was young and now I do too. Clever way to make classical music super upbeat.
  • Hooked On Classics (pt. 1)

    By iJSantiago
    Que linda melodía al escuchar estas músicas realizada por la orquesta "The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra" y dirigido por Louis Clark,...
  • The Definitive Album

    By Play it again, Sam
    As many have already remarked, this may have been the definitive music album of my childhood.
  • An Excellent Twist on Timeless Classical Music

    By Youngman Duran
    Very rarely in my life did any kind of music come along that I, my brother and my parents all liked unanimously. "Hooked on Classics" is one such piece of music. I remember when my parents bought the record (Anybody here old enough to remember those things?). It was playing constantly in our home during parties my parents threw or whenever. I always enjoyed hearing it and I never got tired of it. The memories of our party guests dancing to the album's opening song are still vivid in my mind. The contemporary twist on the classic tunes helped make the music appeal to all genarations which is one of the reasons why it is such a great album. Though the album spawned a sequal and a horde of immiators nothing is better than the original "Hooked on Classics". I'm very happy the album is now available on iTunes. You can't just download one or two songs, you need to download the whole thing. Do so. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!
  • Great album, and a great intro into the world of classical music

    By DJ Genesis John
    I know alot of critics who slam these albums, as not true classical music. And what they say is true, the hooked on the classics albums are not ture classical music, but what they do is bring classical music to a much wider audiance. When I was a kid my parents had this albums and they always used to play them in the car. And thanks to these albums, as a young kid I got into the world of classical music. Now I enjoy the works of Mahler and Wagner, but if it hadn't been to these albums I would never of got my love of classical music. Just on a side note, my wife hates classical music but she likes these albums!!!
  • Hip Classics!

    By Urban Guy SF
    I'm a classical pianist and I love love disco! Hooked on Classics is brilliant!
  • A good classical music introduction for children

    By Leticia
    The bad news: If you love classical music, then you'll hate this. The good news: If you want to introduce your children/toddlers to classical music in a way that they will initially enjoy it, then this might be for you. Is it classical music? Yes and no. It's classical in the sense that it has multiple snippets of classical 'classics' taped together and set to a disco beat. So, it's fast enough to dance to, something most children enjoy. I, like others, listened to this when I was an impressionable 13 year-old and it was my introduction to classical music. After having worn the tape out on this, I was able to identify bits of classical music when I turned it to the 'old people's station'. From there, I have learned to enjoy a good sonata or a symphony. I would listen to my local classical station and recall a bit of some tune they played. It helped to transition me to true classical music.
  • Workout Heaven!

    By Niamro
    Absolutely the best ever treadmill/biking/cleaning the house/music in one place ever! Well done i-tunes!