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  • Great Album!!!

    By Mudman1979
    I am an FGL fan, but was not sure how Hubbard or Kelley would do solo. I am so grateful and proud to say that they both produced great albums, however I think Hubbard’s album is the best. My favorite songs include How Red, Small Town Me, Dancin in the Country, and 5 Foot 9. Some of his new singles are good as well. One of my favorites is his newest song called Turn.
  • Ezra von sharp

    By computer.com
    thanks for all you’ve done! I am doing this for you.
  • Not bro country

    By MSTNgirl
    I was not a huge FGL fan, but really like Tyler’s solo album. It’s definitely more what most people consider country. Miss My Daddy is a great tune!!! Pleasantly surprised that I like this album
  • Every song is Great

    By TheLadySnow
    Anyone who says this is a bad album is picky this is 🔥🔥🔥from song one to the last !!!
  • Forget the haters

    By boy wut da
    Tyler Hubbard is amazing. All of u dissing him have nothing better to do than degrade his talent because all you do is sit around. Keep on dancin in the country Tyler!
  • Guess who’s back!

    By The Rap Demon
    I know it must be rough to be out of FGL, but this is great! Let’s see what happens next! And to the haters, go back to listening to your auto tune!
  • Super impressed with this album.

    By Jess Eddings
    Easy listening with some deep emotional stuff too. My four year old so loves this album and I don’t have to feel guilty about putting it on loop and turning it up loud! ❤️🙌🏼 thank you Tyler.
  • Masterpiece

    By Goose_86
    I come to love more songs off this album every day. Very in depth feel to every song, truly one of a kind.
  • 🤮

    By Luv Addict
    Just Say No to Bruh-Country.
  • 😐

    By Cancer rates inc.
    This album is 🔥🔥 on mute