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  • Vocal perfection!

    By MaddieMusic1
    Love every minute of this album. Beautifully written lyrics. Super raw and honest. Find many of the songs very therapeutic! So good! Highly recommend “Roses!”
  • WOW!

    By Navigator946
    I can hardly wait for her next album to come out! This Girl is on her way to super stardom. But best of all, she’s a truly nice person raised by great parents.
  • Mellow Bliss

    By Herk5250
    Great catchy tunes that know how to hook.

    By The boy who's awesome
    Maddie Poppe is A👏🏻MAZ👏🏻ING👏🏻!!! Seriously how can someone be this talented?!?! Every single song is so well written. When she sings it’s ALWAYS so fabulous I am blown away every time!! Seriously every single song is my favorite, picking a favorite is too hard because they are all so spectacular!! I listen to this album 25/8!! Tell everybody about this album!! Tell your family, your friends, your dog, everybody!!
  • incredible

    By EmilyRobins
    all of these songs are amazing!! i can’t choose which one i love most!!! maddie is the best human💓
  • New Fans

    By blessedone82
    My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing her show and meeting her tonight. Seems like an awesome person and has a voice that is an absolute gift. Can’t wait till discover her whole album after this purchase.
  • No worries, we know who you are!

    By RRDyslexia
    In an Interview talking about her album, Maddie said she was worried people might say “we don’t know who you are” because the music is varied. That’s what makes a great album! Her songs are meaningful, I can hear and understand every word, which is rare, and her voice is special.
  • Clear, beautiful voice!

    By IngyMyers
    Not only does Maddie have a clear beautiful voice but the lyrics are rich and varied! Love her sound and her story telling!

    By norah240038
    This is literally the best album I’ve listened to in a long time! Her voice sound like an angle! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Love her voice

    By Pickles24365
    Wonderful Album!