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  • Horrible

    By jflygare1998
    These songs are a pile of poop in the toilet (Except for Lauren Daigle’s you say)
  • Best ever

    By beathany Q.
    Awesome songs
  • Where the hell is rockstar

    By gshenwbhsb
  • Pretty good but...

    By Sebby271
    Where is billie?
  • ok then

    By I ♥️ Bass 🔊🔊🔊🔊
    tyga is a piece of snake crap in the toilet.
  • Crappy music by crappy people!

    By #JesusFreAk9578
    God is NOT a woman! Wake up and smell the roses, morons!! Ariana is a dirt bag and a giant piece of crap and doesn’t in any way, shape, form, or fashion deserve to be on that list! And anyone who says her song God is a woman is good is a no good, feminist, and piece of crap who can’t take the facts of life as they are!!! Grow up!!
  • I don’t under stand this album

    By jimmy valstone
    What happened to the inspiring xxxtentacion he has mad billboard top 6 when there’s other songs that barely made it to the one hundredth mark and they should have juice wrld on it because juice has came out of knowhere this year and that should and least deserve lucid dreams if they started to maybe have a little more rappers they would sell more albums for sure but over all 7/10
  • Taste 😍

    By Rlhigh
    I love this! Taste is probably my favorite song out of this album but these are all fantastic! Can’t wait for the next album!🙃😍😍😍
  • Trash In Trash Out

    By bdhjones
    Once these reviewiers hit puberty, they will all wonder why they ever bothered to listen to this trash
  • Wut

    By Jah💔
    Where’s x?