Delta - Mumford & Sons


Mumford & Sons

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-11-16
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14

  • ℗ 2018 Mumford & Sons, under exclusive license to Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC


Title Artist Time
42 Mumford & Sons 4:00 USD 1.29
Guiding Light Mumford & Sons 3:37 USD 1.29
Woman Mumford & Sons 4:34 USD 1.29
Beloved Mumford & Sons 4:25 USD 1.29
The Wild Mumford & Sons 5:31 USD 1.29
October Skies Mumford & Sons 3:43 USD 1.29
Slip Away Mumford & Sons 4:55 USD 1.29
Rose of Sharon Mumford & Sons 3:23 USD 1.29
Picture You Mumford & Sons 4:03 USD 1.29
Darkness Visible Mumford & Sons 3:11 USD 1.29
If I Say Mumford & Sons 4:29 USD 1.29
Wild Heart Mumford & Sons 5:05 USD 1.29
Forever Mumford & Sons 4:36 USD 1.29
Delta Mumford & Sons 6:16 USD 1.29


  • Best yet

    By ajb92
    I’ve been a fan from the beginning and this album comes with maturity. While in Wilder Mind it seemed they were moving a new direction, in this album you find a familiarity from their early work, but with a musical depth they didn’t have before. As always with Mumford, lyrical creativity presents itself. Well worth a purchase.
  • Not for me.

    By SKB773
    I loved Mumford & Sons because of their unique sound. Their first albums were the soundtrack of my life for a few years. The last two albums are such a huge disappointment. I'm glad they're enjoying experimenting with a new sound, but this is my stop. I won't be joining them on this journey into mediocrity.
  • A GORGEOUS album!

    By LexusStyxxFan
    I’m in love with this album! I very rarely find albums that I’ll listen to all songs every time. Usually I have my favorite songs on an album and skip the ones I’m a little eh about. But this is an album that I adore. I listen to every song when I turn it on and it’s so relaxing and the music is just so good!
  • Delta

    By Qbawl123
    This is by far their best work. It really has grown on me. The style may be different from their other albums, but this is what keeps a band interesting. The passion of these songs is amazing.
  • Eargasm

    By Breannnnnna
    How could you not love Mumford and sons?! Awesome album
  • Heavy sigh

    By RoyalTexan
    I still had hope that some of old Mumford would show up but just from listening to the small snippets that iTunes provides tells me they aren’t here. I have sigh no more and Babel to fall back on. Old Mumford took me to a level of music love that I had never known. Seeing them live you could tell they loved it and they truly jammed. I know they still love it and some other people love their new stuff. But not me.
  • Read this!

    By QueenSFL
    I see a lot of people saying things like “I wish it was like Babel or Sigh No More.” We all love the sound they had in those two albums but imagine doing the same thing over and over again. It would get boring after awhile. So changing it up is something anyone would want to do after awhile of doing the same thing. It helps with growth across new platforms, and helps create all the different sounds that they have. And that’s the type of support that the boys need to know that their fanbase enjoys what is being made, so that they can decide to continue making music and trying new thing. Delta is special in its own way, just like Sigh No More is. So some of you may not like it, and that’s okay. You don’t have to listen to the two last albums. But just keep this in mind before saying something like that. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk :)
  • Eh

    By Ckellzzz
    I feel like every song sounds too much alike. A few I do like like forever and guiding light. I miss how they used to sound! It was unique and beautiful! Took me back to my childhood growing up to that unique Celtic type of music. You don’t hear that too often and when you do it’s special and exciting. Please don’t go electric pop. Didn’t work for Christina Aguilera, so don’t go down that road. Bring back that banjos
  • Appreciate

    By Jae0703
    I get bored with artists who don't get, at least a bit, out of the same sound of the albums that made them successful. What has always drawn me to M&S is their willing to explore and challenge themselves. Greatly appreciative of the amazing gifts of song writing and soul touching effects of the message(s).
  • Moving

    By logsrotz
    The mood of the entire album makes the listener feel calm an more down to earth. I did love the old Mumford and sons style, however I feel that this album brings something new, yet still amazing to the table. Keep up the good work guys!!!

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